Thursday, March 4, 2010

Your Thoughts for the past 4 training

Dear students,

We have so far went through 2 weeks of training.

Throughout the 2 weeks, most of us would have some thoughts and expectation for the team.

All members, please add in your thoughts and expectations under the Comment Section.


  1. I think that our team will do very well once we get more practice as we are picking up the technique rather fast. I am sure one day we will beat ACSI.

  2. I think that our team will improve in cricket if we continue to put in effort. I also hope we will learn new techniques soon and hopefully, we will be able to become a very good team.

  3. We can be the top school in cricket if we work hard and listen to the coach attentively and put in a lot of effort.It is also essential for us to pick up new techniques efficiently.

  4. I really think that if we focus and concentrate on playing and use all the skills we have learnt so far and sharpen them, we can really form a great and strong cricket team.

    Teamwork is the most important thing can separate us for failure and success. In all the sessions we must take all the learning seriously not like saying this is just the training and I will play well in the real game.

    If we start becoming like that then we can forget dreaming about making a strong team. We need real hardworking and focused players. I am not saying for now but for the future.

    That is my reflection
    Ronak Mehta

  5. I think that we can achieve our goal and do our school proud in competitions if we work hard enough now and practice with our fullest effort.This can only be possible if we work together and pay attention to the coach.

  6. Good to hear such positive comments from all of you! I really do hope that we can be one of the more successful school-playing cricket team in Singapore. Keep on working hard!


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